Weldbond : Working with Glass & Porcelain

With Weldbond it's easy!

First, seal surface using a mixture of 1 part Weldbond, 5 parts water. Let dry. The next coat should be concentrated Weldbond. Allow surfaces to become tacky before bringing together. When bonding glass, use sparingly if you require a crystal-clear bond. Clamp material in position until fully cured (minimum 24 hours or more depending on room temperature and humidity). Any whiteness indicates the curing process is not complete.

Porcelain enamel appliances and bathroom fixtures: To repair chipped or deeply scratched surfaces, clean thoroughly, then apply sealer. Fill in chipped areas with a general adhesive mix and allow area to dry. Use fine sandpaper to contour the repaired area of the appliance. Seal surface once again. When fully dry, paint area to match rest of appliance.