About Us


In 1982 Herbert Clark of Swanage, England invented the Herbie Clamp double grip hose clamp and in 1984 Speedy Products partnered with TWR and Tom Walkinshaw, team leader for the Jaguar racing team, and purchased the assets of Herbert's company and named it Herbie Clips Limited, the parent of HCL Fasteners.  For many years Speedy Products participated in the development and refinement of the product, but ultimately the decision was made to sell the company and it changed hands several times.

All the while, Speedy Products continued to develop the Double Grip clamp, importing product from England and was key to the marketing in North American with particular success in the automotive industry.  Speedy Products has been producing the Double Grip hose clamp in America since 1987. It was recently decided it would be in its best interests to expand production capability in the United States.  This has resulted in significant cost savings we can pass on to our customers by eliminating overseas shipping costs and import duties.

Today, Speedy Products continues to sell the double grip clamp but has expanded clamp production in America using American built tooling that has been tested to be at least as strong and generally exceed the strength of the original product that is made in England.  The highest production standards (ISO 9001:2000) are utilized to insure that the Speedy® Brand double grip clamp maintains its design superiority over all other makes.  While nylons and polypropylene's are typical materials for the double grip clamp we are happy to quote product in any suitable material and color to our customers needs.

To better serve its customers, Speedy Products has expanded its offering by added the only other two multi-tooth ratchet style clamps currently available on the market.  They are known as the Single Grip and the Premium Single Grip and this gives us the broadest range of polymer clamping solutions available today.  While standard sizes are available, custom size projects are welcomed.

The first addition, the Single Grip clamp, utilizes a single set of teeth.  It is suitable for many clamping applications where the ultimate strength of the double grip clamp isn't called for.  The second addition, the Premium Single Grip clamp, features a unique design that was patented and eliminates any possible leak path.


Speedy Products discovered Weldbond® Adhesives about twelve years ago during a search for the ideal adhesive for its mosaic supply division.  What was needed was a glue that was non-toxic, safe for use around children as well as adults, pH neutral for archival considerations and environmentally friendly.  It needed to be very "sticky" to hold tesserae (the decorative pieces applied to surfaces) in place as a mosaic creation begins taking shape and that would dry strong and clear.  Weldbond™, a highly refined PVA (polyvinylacetate), was selected and it has become THE adhesive standard used in the mosaic industry.


Today Speedy Products continues to innovate and expand its offerings.  In addition to hose clamps and adhesives, Speedy Products has a craft division offering a variety of supplies for artists.