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We offer the largest line of double grip and single grip ratchet style hose clamps made from engineered plastics. We are also an official distributor for Weldbond adhesive!

Double & Single Grip Hose Clamps

Speedy Products now offers an expanded size range of Double Grip plastic hose clamps in America on American tooling as it has since 1987.  Our clamps meet and generally exceed the strength of other brands of the same design.  Our clamp is made from heat stabilized nylon 6/6 in black and can be made from a variety of materials and a range of colors.  Our Premium Single Grip clamp features the only clamp of its type with a zero leak path.  Our economical Standard Single Grip clamp offers low price and great functionality for lower demand applications.  For volume pricing greater than offered on our website please contact us at 800-388-2001.

Weldbond® Universal Adhesive

Weldbond®  is a universal adhesive that bonds most anything!  It is non-toxic, nonflammable, free of fumes, has low VOCs, is created without animal by-products and is environmentally friendly!  It carries the EcoLogo™ seal of approval – certifying that it is created without the use of formaldehyde, toxic metals or excessive VOCs.

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